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Collier Title Insurance Agency owes its success to the deeply felt family values with which we founded this company in 1993.  We are committed to providing our clients with the highest standard  of excellence and reliability.  

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"If you want the best care for your title needs, Collier Title Agency is the way to go."

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Collier Title Insurance Agency is licensed by the State of Florida, Department of Financial Services and we are bonded, certified and vetted.

We are agents for Westcor Land Title Insurance Company. Collier Title is always current with ongoing regulatory changes. Our staff is duly appointed State of Florida notaries.
Sellers and buyers can see our Title Insurance Rates and Closing Costs pages for estimates on their settlement costs.  These figures are intended as a guide when figuring closings costs and are subject to change. 

Free quotes are always available by contacting our office.
​​OUR TEAM has the experience and skills to assure the smoothest closing possible with that personal touch.

REALTORS, your clients are more than just a job to us. It's not just business as usual when it comes to your closings. We guide your clients from A to Z for successful closings. We work with you as a team and always answer your calls or emails.  

LENDERS, compliance and attention to detail assures your borrowers of smooth, efficient and professional closings.

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Owner, President
and Title Closer

Secretary, Treasurer 
and Title Closer

  • Title ResearcherTitle Examinations
  • Owner and Encumbrances Reports
  •    for Attorneys and Lenders
  • Title Examinations and Policy
  •    Insurance
  • Transactions processing and closings
  • Marketing
  • Administrative of Escrow
  • Office Management
  • Administrative Office Management
  • Sí Habla Español
  • Owner
  • Title Researcher
  • Owner and Encumbrances Reports
  •    for Attorneys and Lenders
  • Title Examinations and Policy
  •    Insurance
  • Transactions processing and closings
  • General Accounts
  • Administrative Office Management
Agents for Westcor
​Land Title Insurance Company
Westcor's commitment to excellent service makes our underwriter the fifth largest in the industry!  Westcor promotes a culture where innovation is encouraged, balanced with a practice of compliance and risk management training.  Westcor is privately owned, empowering its nationwide team of the best and brightest  to focus on agility and responsiveness to customer needs!  This blend of attributes has earned Westcor an "A" Prime Unsurpassed - Financial Stability Rating from Demotech.